Uniswap V3 LP SQTH-ETH Pool

Earn LP fees for providing SQTH-ETH liquidity
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Buy squeeth and LP

Earn a payoff similar to ETH1.5

Strategy Overview

Buying and LPing gives you a leverage position with a payoff similar to ETH1.5. You give up some of your squeeth upside in exchange for trading fees. You are paying daily premiums for being long squeeth, but earning fees from LPing on Uniswap.

This payoff diagram does not include premiums or trading fees and assumes implied volatility stays constant.

You are exposed to squeeth premiums, so if you hold the position for a long period of time without upward price movements in ETH, you can lose considerable funds to premium payments.

Squeeth smart contracts have been audited by Trail of Bits, Akira, and Sherlock. However, smart contracts are experimental technology and we encourage caution only risking funds you can afford to lose.


ETH Price


ETH² Price


Mark Price


oSQTH Price

$0.00 (0.0000 ETH)

Implied Volatility


Reference Volatility


Current Implied Premium


Obtain Squeeth

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Mint Squeeth to LP

Mint by depositing ETH as collateral

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Buy Squeeth to LP

Buy directly from Uniswap

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